In Ivion, you play characters such as massive Giants that smash, crush, and maim their enemies, or Cryomancers that freeze their foes and shatter them in flurries of deadly arcane power. Each game feels unique, cinematic, and satisfying.

Buy Ivion once, get all the cards! Your collection will come in a box to store your decks. No hunting for rare cards; explore the game on your terms.

Play with or against your friends! Ivion supports both 1 vs 1 dueling and collaborative 2 vs 2 battles. The first to two kills in team battles wins!


  •  Strategic deckbuilding
  •  Immersive grid-based combat
  •  Revolutionary action and power system
  •  One box supports six players simultaneously
  •  Play 1 vs 1 duels or team up in 2 vs 2 arena battles


In Ivion, deckbuilding and character building are one and the same. With over 290 unique cards, Ivion's customizability offers a unique experience each time you sit down at the table. Mix and match 6 Classes, 12 Specializations and 54 Feats to create your character. Battles in Ivion take place on a 4-by-4 tile grid. The board starts without special ‘Terrain’ or unique effects, but as the combat grows more dire, the board is impacted—destroyed by a Giant’s blows, frozen by a Cryomancer’s touch, or overgrown with a Druid's roots.


Ivion utilizes an action and power system that dynamically flows as the battle rages onward. Play cards that cost actions (top left) to gain power (top right) then spend your power on massive attacks and spells!



Each character is created with two Classes. Your character's Classes shape their core identity and provide the building blocks of your deck.

Your Specialization adds a unique twist to your character. Each Specialization offers fantastic capabilities that no other archetype can provide.



To learn more details about the game's mechanics, take a gander at the Rules Girl overview

above or on Youtube, check out our development blog series How to Play, or our rulebook draft.

Watch Aaron and Adam duke it out in a laid-back game of Ivion:

For a much more in-depth and strategic walkthrough, check out the video below.

Intrigued by our trailer? Find out more about why these weary people fight, and where your character fits into the world in our Class and Specialization Reveals.


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Raven's Riddle by Septimius Ferdian

Raven's Riddle by Septimius Ferdian